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The information provided is not intended to provide legal advice or replace the value of consulting with an attorney. Laws vary from state to state and are continually changing. The information is merely provided to educate persons about legal protections and ways to take action through the legal system to increase access to supportive housing. You are encouraged to seek legal advice from a licensed attorney in your state.

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There are a variety of existing laws that help preserve and enforce the rights of persons with disabilities. Understanding these laws will help you abide by them and provide an additional tool to help you advocate for increased access to housing for persons with disabilities. If you have been denied housing or the ability to develop supportive housing, one of these laws may give you a right to take legal action. Remember, if you are a housing developer and the local government is discriminating against your project because you are targeting persons with disabilities, you may have a right to file a complaint.

If you need to contact an attorney, you may contact your local

Legal Services/Legal Aid office, or contact the state's Bar Association

 for a referral to an attorney in your community.