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The National Supportive Housing Network provides technical assistance to providers of housing and services for persons with disabiliites. Whether your organization provides housing or services, information is provided below to improve the capacity of your organization and expand the available resources to the persons you serve.

developericonHow to Develop Housing
Some housing providers build or renovate buildings or houses, and some providers give rental subsidies to help persons rent their own apartment. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Organizations should research both options to ensure they are meeting the community need in the most cost effective manner. This page will also offer tools to help develop the housing that best fits the need.   Read more

servicesiconProviding Supportive Services
While not all persons with disabilities need supportive services linked with their housing, some persons can be more successful living in the community when certain services are provided that are designed to meet their individual needs. This page offers tools to help develop the supportive services that may be needed by the target population your organization is serving. Read more

funding iconObtaining Funding
Finding the right funding for the activity your organization wants to do can be very overwhelming. Applications for grants can also vary depending on the funding sources and the activity. This page provides important funding information for the grant writer of your organization. Read more

researchiconResearch on Best Practices and Needs Data
Research the various models used to provide housing for persons with disabilities, and what works best, based on validated data. This page also provides valuable needs data that can be used for grant writing, advocating for policy changes and for better understanding the needs of the population.  Read more

accessibilityiconIncreasing Physical Accessibility of your Housing and Services
While funding is sometimes the biggest barrier to accessing housing, physical barriers can also make it difficult for persons with certain disabilities to access housing and services. Organizations need to be sure they meet the needs of the persons they intend to serve, and the legal requirements.  Read more

managementlogoManagement Tools
Non-profit organizations need to be aware of various requirements that organizations need to meet in order to operate as a corporation and access public funding. This page provides guidance on policies and procedures as well as other compliance issues. Read more